Boyfriend of the Year Award

Meet Alex.

I met this lovely boy last year. Although I pretty much said out with the old in with the new in my initial post, I meant it for more my character rather the people and other things in my life. This guy has been very influential and I believe I decided to start this blog because of him.

Answering the question “So how did you two meet” is a bit funny and not your average girl meets boy story. The simplest answer is at a cold morning football game back in September (after tailgating). After that we became friends and hung out a lot at his fraternity house throughout the fall semester.

But of course, the best way to start off the New Year was going to Illinois to visit Alex (otherwise we would not have seen each other for 5 weeks). At the time we were ‘exclusively dating’, but we kind of sealed the deal when we realized how much we missed each other in the mere two weeks we were apart. I was able to see who he is with his friends from back home and with his family who were so welcoming.

We are able to question each others decisions and ways of thinking. It is very insightful. Though it has lead me to realize the mistakes I have made in the past, it has brought it to my attention so I see it and be able to handle it next time something like that could come back around.

Throughout the spring semester, we have been at each other’s sides at every moment. I have gone back home with him numerous times and he has come back home with me over spring break. We’ve gone to each other’s formals. Late night runs to McDonalds 🙂 You name it.

He is my best friend. He is the one person who knows what is up with me at all hours of the day and he truly knows me and loves me for me. I have put up my guard more this past spring after numerous good friends became different people and turned their backs on me. However, he can see through any bullshit I try to use. No matter if I am sad or upset, he always knows how to cheer me up and never abandons me. Hopefully my friendship with him will last a lifetime even if our relationship ends up not working out… well even if it does… he still would be my best friend always at my side.

Love you Alexander Joseph Kirk 🙂


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