Being Yourself Potentially Isn’t A Bad Thing Afterall

It has been drilled into our minds by society that our happiness lies in the power of others. However, this is not the case. You have the power to feel how you feel, do what you want to do (with fair restrictions of course) and become the person you envision yourself becoming. No one is truly stopping you except yourself and this over looming idea implemented by society.

It didn’t hit me until my third week of my summer entrepreneurship course that every person has so much potential.

Starting with the basics, everything you know is a business. A school, a church, an organization, even the government. And each business was started by the thought of a person or a group of people. For example, a group of people had to think up the idea that there needed to be some basis to govern the people and to legislate.

To bring the idea to the average person’s level:

Every person has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs usually start a business from things they know about–such as their current career field, passion or hobby. A lot usually see a problem or a better way to do something (maybe in their field of expertise). You do not need to invent something entirely new–you can solve an issue/improvement on a product that currently exists too. Haven’t there been times where you’ve thought, “Hmm… there definitely could be a better way to do this”. There probably is. It just hasn’t been invented yet. It’s just waiting for you to invent it. This is the initial step to starting something that can life changing.

So many people misconceive that these huge successful companies that are around today were built by entrepreneurs due to things such as pure luck, lots of money, etc. and that they were successful from the start. Sure there is a lot of work to make an idea something real and make it a opportunity for business. Not every idea is a business worthy one. But many are tweaked and are turned into successful businesses.

Some people have the notion that success is measured by money–but it is not. Success is being able to keep you business afloat and being able to deal with the surprises that come your way–whether it be new competition or the stock market crashing. Success comes with work. And success comes with a nice salary, but it does not mean that success is money. It a nice reward for the work you put in in order for the business to have a chance at success.

Just remember: whether it’s exploring the entrepreneurship field or being yourself. You have the potential and power to change how things are. The potential to customize your own world lies not with others, but it rather lies within yourself.

Shout out to Lynn Allendorf for inspiring this post!


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