2014 Resolutions

Like Calvin, I do believe I am perfect the way I am; however, there always something to ‘improve’ on and that is ultimately what my new resolutions is about. I tried to make my list not as conceited as the average Western world new years resolutions (lose weight, be more charitable, exercise more). Instead I think of it more of highlighted goals for the year that are specific–making them more achievable. Now, these goals aren’t some random out of the blue crap. It is rather a way to build on my current actions and make myself a stronger person (inside and outside). Part of it is based on those inner thoughts I had last year that urged me to do something and I pushed it aside to do something less productive. Now having a definite list makes it seem more realistic and something I cannot push to the side. I figured going in 2014 as a 19 year old is a good reason to create 19 goals for 2014.

  1. Learn how to cook sans premade/frozen meals.
  2. Smile more.
  3. Blog more about the small important things in my life. Capture them in writing instead of my short term memory. Write to embrace the important people and parts that make 2014 the way it is.
  4. Capture moments more often. Learn how to use my camera better!
  5. Learn how to manage my anxiety better.
  6. Sleep in less. Actually try and have a normal adult world sleep schedule.
  7. Be more absorbed in my classes and go to office hours (for real though).
  8. Try not to skip more than 2 classes per semester.
  9. Be a bit more ballsy socially.
  10. Start running. But really.
  11. Then.. Run a 2K and maybe perhaps a 5K (otherwise I can save that for my 2015 resolutions
  12. Get to know the people already in life better
  13. Read more.
  14. Learn to accept myself for who I am… strengths and weaknesses and all
  15. Do more yoga and find my inner balance and peace.
  16. Stretch more! This includes stretching out my muscles and stretching myself out to do things.
  17. Travel outside my community bubbles
  18. Join organizations (business fraternity, dance club?) on top on Net Impact, AXiD & DECA
  19. Prepare as much as possible for DECA 2014 that’s in WASHINGTON DC!

19 goals. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. 365  in a year. Hopefully that is enough time to complete/live by 19 resolutions.


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