Simplistic Happiness

Our society has been overwhelmed in buying happiness. And usually it comes with a large price tag. This led to thinking what truly made me happy. And it the simplest of things.

Here is my list of things that make me happy.

  1. Singing.
  2. Dancing when I am alone in my apartment.
  3. Being in good company (whether it’s with close friends, my sorority sisters, or new friends)
  4. Listening to music that puts me in a good mood.
  5. Discovering a good book that you cannot put down.
  6. Chocolate. And more chocolate. In any form.
  7. When flowers are blooming and smell amazing as I walk by.
  8. That one cute text from my current crush.
  9. A stranger randomly smiling at me as he/she passes by.
  10. Laying out and feeling the sun’s warmth.
  11. Crafting & painting canvases.
  12. Walking and having the bus just pull up to the curb.
  13. Splashing in puddles with my rain boots on a rainy day.
  14. Having a good hair day.
  15. Finding out that I did well on a test I thought I failed/was unsure of.
  16. A movie that makes me want to watch it again right after.
  17. Laughing so hard that tears start running down my face.
  18. Reflecting on past memories with friends
  19. Looking forward to the future.

Happiness doesn’t have to cost anything. Usually the cheaper the more happier you are. Materialistic happiness is only temporary. My happiness blossoms from moments, memories and having a positive outlook on life. Like turning a dreary, raining day into a fun filled day of jumping in huge puddles and getting soaked.


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